Fiction, Poetry

You are the one By Melisa Matvejeva

Your bullets of hatred,
Shooting through my warming flame of love.
Killing every drop of lust,
Stopping the river of pure passion.
The heart you are stabbing,
It is not mine, it is yours.
I’m in the mirror behind you,
I’m invincible.
Shoot me again,
Make holes in your angelic smiles,
Destroy the trust webs we created.
Lost in your destructive thoughts,
Innocent hands behind you mean nothing.
I have no sight of you I’ve known,
I can only see the soldier you created.
Crooked smile, broken nose, dusty hair.
Trying to fix your shining deformities.
Drawing flowers on your cement ground,
Painting birds in the burned down trees.
You make the earth shake,
Wake up the sea inside you.
Taking my air away, drowning me.
Saltiness makes my stomach turn,
Gagging up every promise I swallowed.
Those are your words I ate that are so poisonous.
I’m pulled beneath your pulse of waves,
Golden chains on my hands holding me hostage.
Yet you are one who taught me how to lie and swallow bitterness.
I will drink your sea of broken ships,
Your sea of dead fish,
And I will take you with it.
I’m invincible, I’m unruly.
And you are the one who didn’t show me the lines of end.

If you wish to read more of Melisa’s work, take a look and follow her blog:


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