Artwork, Illustrations

Embodiment of Uni Life by Kiki Thandi


We’ve asked Kiki what inspired her to create this fantastic piece of Artwork:

“An image like the one above would be particularly eye-catching for students as it is essentially an embodiment of student life. What you’re seeing is a lifted up desk, and its contents have been drawn to relate to students from all faculties. For literature, there is a well-known Stephen King novel; for philosophy, Plato; for photography, an Instax camera (widely used); for music, music sheets and famous albums (Rihanna, Oasis… Mozart if you can see it); for psychology, Freud; for maths some note paper with PI and Pythagoras theorem; for languages, a French dictionary. The image shows general things that students will find familiar, and subsequently make Cov Words less alien to students not studying English. We have the pizza box and junk food, the id card, train tickets, the messy notebook, the doodles of modern cartoons like South Park, a Toronto keyring, a tobacco packet, painkillers). Not only does the image depict popular culture but it also promotes Cov Words itself with the yellow leaflet, the Fire and Dust flyers where many students perform and the ‘Call for Submissions’ note. And lastly, the image overall sells Cov Words as a creative outlet, for instance in the corner there is a book entitled ‘Memeology’ to reflect internet culture.”


Kiki Thandi is a 1st Year student of English and Creative Writing.


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