Fiction, Poetry

Adrift by Melissa Healy

Lost adrift upon the sea…
Gliding over the waves, I spy land ahead
I strive to sail my raft towards it
But it’s blown further from the shore
I lay down, finally succumb to my fate.

All at once I am awoken by gulls…
Rough sand and salt crusts upon my lips
I open my eyes,
Blink away the blinding sun
That obscures my vision…

Consciousness abates,
Darkness surrounds me once again
The comfort I feel akin to a womb
I’ve never felt this peace in life
I dig in my nails and settle in but-

A sudden jolt of pain wakes me
And I find I am alone,
Soft bed linen tucked around me
Drip in arm, oxygen masks my alarm
Blood soaked bandages bind my wrists.

I am found.
I wish I was still lost.



Melissa Healy is a 28 year old mother of one and a first-year student of English and Creative Writing. If you’d like to read more of Melissa’s work, check out her blog:


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